PowerPoint Templates

The world has enough bad PowerPoints. Let's not add any more.

Everyone knows the PowerPoint pitfalls to avoid: Too much information. Too little white space. Tiny type. Poor visuals.

We know your PowerPoint will be clear, informative, and beautiful. Here are some PowerPoint templates utilizing the UO's graphic identity to help you get started.

Using the UO PowerPoint Templates

Each presentation is available in two institutional typefaces: Helvetica and Kievit. Helvetica is standard on pretty much every computer out there. Use a Helvetica template if you're planning to share your presentation or use it on multiple computers that may not have specialty fonts installed. Kievit is a more distinctive font that is included in the UO's graphic identity. You may download it here. Use a Kievit template if you're sure you'll be presenting your PowerPoint on a computer that has Kievit installed.

To use the templates below, download them and save them with a ".potx" extension to add them to your template library, or open them as presentations (with a ".ppt" extension). For more information on working with PowerPoint, visit the Microsoft Office PowerPoint Training page.


Geo: A simple template with a single-color background, UO logo, and subtle geometric-mesh graphic. More options coming soon. Click desired thumbnail image to download.

Powerpoint template, green Helvetica
Powerpoint template, green Kievit
Powerpoint template, white Helvetica
Powerpoint template, white Kievit
Powerpoint template, gray Helvetica
Powerpoint template, gray Kievit
Powerpoint template, yellow Helvetica
Powerpoint template, yellow Kievit