Trademark Licensing and Brand Management

All products that carry UO logos and marks must be produced by officially licensed vendors through our licensing agency, Fanatics Licensing Management. Licensed third-party apparel and headwear bearing any university or departmental signature must follow UO style guidelines.

Please note that UO’s policies and procedures should be adhered to with all purchases as required with UO Purchasing and Contracting Services. Please plan for and allow a minimum of 10 business days from initial artwork submittal to official design approval.

University Units

Products purchased by campus departments, programs, schools, centers, and institutes must adhere to the UO Style Guide. See UO Style Guide Resources below. 

Student Organizations, Clubs and ESports

Officially recognized student organizations can request merchandise and apparel for an event. Word marks and graphics are available with apparel. The “O” mark is not allowed for use by any organization for marketing, advertisement, or identity purposes. Products are for organization members only. 

Officially recognized club sports and esports teams may use the Mascot Duck mark and Handel Gothic D font. The word “club” must be included for any sports also sponsored by the Athletics department. Requests for additional usage of marks are at the discretion of Brand Management and Trademark Licensing. University agreements will be adhered to when reviewing requests. 

Internal Licensee Resources

Internal Licensee - Full List



Requests to purchase licensed products for resale must be approved in advance by Brand Management and Trademark Licensing. These products are royalty bearing and must be sourced through an approved internal product licensee. Email for questions. 

Unacceptable Products and Services

  • Tobacco, controlled substances, sexually oriented products, alcohol, religious products, or games of chance. 
  • Sexually suggestive text or graphics, denigrating language toward any group, items that infringe on other trademark owners, or endorsement of political candidates. 
  • Products that do not meet minimum standards of quality and/or taste, are judged to be dangerous, or carry high product liability risks.