What's New

The following is an update of new additions to the style guide.

Do not use "historic" in describing McArthur "Mac" Court, as the building does not have a historic designation.

The Department of International Studies has been renamed the Department of Global Studies

The abbreviation for United States is US, not U.S.

The official name for the new facility at 1870 East 15th Avenue is the Lyllye Reynolds-Parker Black Cultural Center.

Hayward Field


First reference: Hayward Field at the University of Oregon

Subsequent references: Hayward Field

Hayward Field before construction started in 2018: Historic Hayward Field

Hayward Hall: the interactive museum housed on the east side of Hayward Field

Avoid “the new” and “the old” when referring to Hayward Field. For more info: https://hayward.uoregon.edu/media-assets

GEs vs. GTFs

Graduate employee (GE) is the term now used at the University of Oregon for teaching, research, and administrative graduate assistantships that were formerly known as GTFs—an acronym used alternatively to denote both graduate teaching fellows and the Graduate Teaching Fellowship.

Go Ducks!

Typically, the phrase Go, Ducks! would require a comma: Go, a complete imperative (command), followed by a vocative, Ducks—identical to, say, Run, Spot, run!

However, when cheering on the team at an event (where the players are likely out of earshot), the phrase Go Ducks! is more an expression of support than it is a direct imperative, much like Up with the Ducks or Long live the Ducks. Since this use is more of an invocation or slogan, it is appropriate to leave out the comma—Go Ducks!

Computer Terms

Use the following forms:

  • email (not E-mail or e-mail)
  • internet (not Internet)
  • online (not on-line)
  • web (not Web)
  • website (not web site or web-site)

Telephone Numbers

Use 541-346-5397, not (541) 346-5397.

With Oregon's change to 10-digit dialing (and just because it looks better), telephone number style is to use hyphens only.


Periods in degrees are no longer used, so BA, MS, and PhD (not B.A., M.A., and Ph.D.)

References to Alumni

Names of graduates of the university should be followed by degree received and year of graduation, so Ima Eugenia Duck, BS '89.

References to those who attended the UO but did not graduate may include the class with which they entered, for example Christopher Credit-Shy, class of 2007.