CAS Profiles Administrator information

All departments have someone in who is available to assist those in their department with CAS Profile updates.

If you are one of these people, below are a few tips to keep in mind when working on CAS Profiles for other faculty, staff, or students.

Editing Profile Information Tips

  • When editing list item fields always use the cmd+click (Mac) or ctrl+click (PC) to select or deselect items to avoid accidentally removing selections of that profile.
  • Make sure when editing profile sections that you are selecting their content and not your own. You can tell who's profile section content belongs to what user by the DuckID above the sections:
      CASIT DuckID profile sections

Creating New Profile Sections

  • Create a new profile section and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Authored by” link to expand it and type or paste in the DuckID of the user you are creating content for.

      CASIT content authored by field
  • Next, change the “Type” to Biography, or whatever content type you need to create, and then the content can be edited the same as any other content.

Removing Profiles From Your Site

All profiles on our Drupal sites are generated dynamically based on the information from the CAS Profiles site. This means that profiles are not modified from the Drupal sites but only on the CAS Profiles side. To remove a profile:

  • Find the user you need to delete, either by clicking one of the links in the left-hand menu and finding the person's name from that list, or by typing in their DuckID after the URL like this: Once you find the profile on the CAS Profiles site that needs removed, click their user name, and click the Edit link:

      CASIT profile edit link
  • Click the Information link:

      CASIT profile information link
  • Remove your Department or Programs from the following sections by holding down the Cmd (Mac) or Crtl (PC) + then clicking your Department or Program names from the lists:
    • Departments
    • Affiliated Departments
    • Programs, Research, and Outreach
  • Save that user's profile to remove them from your site.

The removal generally takes less than an hour to display on your site, however, it may take up to 24 hours for the person to be removed from your site or may require you to clear your cache.

Adding a New Person to CAS Profiles

Most people for your department should already be in the CAS Profiles system, however occasionally you may need to add a new user.  To do this you will look in the Office Managers menu, usually located on the right side of the page and click the "Add User" link.

CASprofiles Add User

Then you will type in the user's DuckID, which is usually the same as their email, into the search bar until you see their DuckID, click it, then click save:

CASprofiles Search for DuckID

Once you have clicked the save button you will either get a successfully created message with DuckID as a link that you can click to view the new DuckID profile and update it with their information:

CASprofiles New user successfully created message

Or it will show you an already exists message for that DuckID:

CASprofiles User already exists error message

With either case you can click on the DuckID link to view the profile of the user and make changes or additions the same as you would for an existing user.

Importing a List of Profiles

If you have a large batch of 10 or more faculty and/or staff that need to be imported into the CAS profiles system you can email your list of new profiles in and Excel file. This list must contain the following information:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. @uoregon email address
  4. Title(s)
  5. Department(s)/Program(s)
  6. Affiliation (Faculty, Staff, etc.) – this category is only used on the back end as sorting tool when setting up the listing pages and is not displayed on the profile when viewed on your site

If you want the new profiles to be more useful you can also include the following information if available:

  1. Photo
  2. Biography      
  3. CV
  4. Faculty website
  5. City (office location – Eugene, Portland, etc.)

You can download the example faculty staff list file to use as your template base.

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