Communications Strategy

The University Communications strategy was created in the spring of 2017. The strategy is based on the university’s institutional priorities and directly supports President Michael Schill’s goals to ensure greater access for students, create and promote excellence, deliver a rich and satisfying experience, and create an atmosphere of diversity.

Overarching TEAM Goals and Objectives

  • Establish a world-class communications team.

    • Build consistent, user centric strategies and tactics that produce results.
  • Develop a shared understanding of the university's goals across campus.

    • Provide opportunities to share university goals and progress toward meeting those goals

Promote ACCESS

  • Communicate the value of a UO education.

    • Highlight existing student support programs, services, and communities
  • Communicate how all students can access a UO education and be successful here

    • Highlight resources and partners that directly support student access and opportunity.
    • Highlight unique student, faculty, and alumni success stories.
    • Highlight programs and pipelines that give students an avenue toward UO.

Demonstrate Rich Campus EXPERIENCE

  • Communicate the unique journeys and experiences from inside and outside the classroom.

    • Highlight our uniquely Oregon experience
    • Highlight our opportunities for growth and discovery
  • Communicate the broad opportunities that serve diverse needs and aspirations.

    • Highlight the value of our experiential programs
    • Highlight the life-changing impact of our network
    • Highlight the benefits of the UO campus ecosystem

Showcase Academic and Research EXCELLENCE

  • Communicate our commitment to excellence.

    • Highlight resources and infrastructure that foster excellence
    • Highlight the students, programs and faculty that differentiate us.
    • Demonstrate the common language of excellence
  • Communicate the positive impact of our work on society and individuals

    • Highlight UO-led research with benefits and impact

Promote Values of DIVERSITY and Inclusivity

  • Communicate the value of diversity.

    • Highlight stories that reinforce our commitment to diversity
    • Highlight the value of investing in diversity
    • Support diversity goals and resources across campus
  • Communicate the benefits of an equitable and inclusive environment.

    • Develop team competencies in culturally sensitive communications
    • Develop a system for finding and celebrating success stories

How do we use this strategy?

Each communications unit is creating a communications plan outlining the tactics and activities they undertake in support of these goals and objectives, tailored to meet the needs of their units.

How are we measuring whether we are successful?

Much like the UO strategic framework itself, the communications strategy does not contain specific tactics or metrics for the objectives. Activities to achieve the objectives will be developed by each unit within University Communications and by the academic communications units across campus. Progress toward achieving the objectives will be monitored throughout the life of the strategic plan, and tactics will be adjusted as necessary.

However, the impact of our efforts can be measured in part by the continued growth and progress of the topline university priorities we are supporting:

  • Student enrollment, with an emphasis on recruiting students from diverse backgrounds
  • Student Retention
  • Development and revenue generation
  • Faculty hiring
  • Faculty retention