Design Services

The Marketing Communications’ graphic design team primarily serves schools, colleges and administrative units with dedicated communications staff. Typically, projects are strategically aligned with the priorities of the university and might be focused on recruitment; student support; development; intended to advance the university’s reputation in research, scholarship, and creative inquiry; or mandated by legal requirements.

Our team designs engaging, efficient, effective, and brand-aligned communications. We will ensure that your publication reflects the diversity of people, programs, and experiences the university offers.

Propose a Project

Whether you’re proposing a project or requesting creative consultation, start by filling out the request form. Your proposed project is assessed to be sure that it aligns with university priorities and strategic goals, and there are adequate resources available to meet your timeline. If your project proposal is accepted, it will be assigned to a designer who will be your contact throughout the design, editing, and printing processes. If your project isn’t accepted, we’ll provide you with alternatives.

Propose a Design Project

New Projects or Extensive Revisions to Existing Projects

Allow a minimum of four weeks from initiation to completion. Magazine, viewbooks, and other complex projects may take up to 12 weeks.*

  • Upload your content in a single, spell-checked Word document. Do not format it, other than embedded bold and italic text. If text will need to be placed in a specific location in the designed piece, note that within the Word document.
  • Have your content vetted by all appropriate parties in your department before submission.
  • Generally, we don’t start a project with missing content. If you submit a request with missing content, note what is missing and when it will be available, so we can determine if we are able to launch the project without it. Late submissions may require adjustments in production schedules.
  • Your text be will fact-checked and edited for grammar, accuracy, and university style.
  • Photos should be at least 300 dpi, and cleared for use by artist and model.
  • If you don’t provide images, we will select images from our resources.
  • If custom illustration or photography is desired, discuss with your designer.
  • We will coordinate the printing with Printing Services.
  • We ensure your publications follow appropriate University of Oregon policies, branding, and carry the university’s Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action statement.
  • When web design is part of your project, the work will meet UO design and accessibility requirements.
  • You will receive printed materials, and/or work suitable for digital usage depending on the original request. Marketing Communications doesn’t provide packaged InDesign files, licensed fonts, or images as part of its service. The native files are archived and maintained on our servers for future use.

Minor Revisions or Reprinting Existing Projects

Allow two weeks.*

  • Upload a commented PDF with your job request. Reference the previous job i.d., if available.

Consultation or Design Reviews

Usually can be completed within one week.*

  • If your piece is being designed by someone in your office or someone you hire, we will review it at no charge to check for adherence to university communication standards.

*Timelines are estimated from receipt of all needed materials to completion of product.