Design Services

The University Communications graphic design team primarily serves schools, colleges, and administrative units with dedicated communications staff. We support projects that are strategically aligned with the priorities of the university, including those focused on recruitment, student support, and development; intended to advance the university’s reputation in research, scholarship, and creative inquiry; or mandated by legal requirements. 

Our team designs engaging, effective, and brand-aligned communications. We will ensure that your piece reflects the diversity of people, programs, and experiences the university offers. 

Propose a New Project

Whether you’re proposing a project or requesting creative consultation, start with the Propose a Design Project button below and select the appropriate choice from the drop-down menu. Because we do not have unlimited resources, we are unable to take on all projects requested. Before accepting a project, we make sure that it aligns with university priorities and strategic goals, and that there are adequate resources available to meet the requested timeline. If your project proposal is accepted, it will be assigned to a designer who will be your contact throughout the design, editing, and printing processes. If we are unable to take on your project, we’ll provide you with alternative design resource suggestions. 

Before submitting a project proposal, make sure you have:

  • A clearly defined purpose and/or goals for the project.
  • Content (including text and images) that has already been vetted by all appropriate parties in your department.
  • A project timeline.
  • Print quantity.
  • Index (if applicable).

Propose a Design Project


For reprint projects that were originally created by University Communications, upload a PDF of the original, marked with your comments and your job request. Reference the previous job number, if available.


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