Marketing Communications Revisions Policy

To best serve our clients, University Communications is committed to efficient project workflows. Project timelines include a set number of editorial and design reviews and are based on prompt review of proofs. 

  • Our timelines allow for two editorial reviews on major projects and one for midsize projects. See the difference between major and midsize projects here. Additional reviews may result in revised completion deadlines. The design phase will start after content has been edited and approved.
  • Once edited copy has been sent to the designer, no further stylistic or content changes should be made. Changes, other than edits to grammar or spelling, after this point will require content going back to the copyediting phase, and your project might be delayed or put on hold. 

Our timeline schedules allow for two rounds of design revisions and one final design proof. Project schedules are based on client reviews being completed within two business days. If reviews are not completed and returned within that timeframe, a new completion date will be set. If changes are requested to the final proof, please allow five working days for the designer to make the changes and provide a new final proof.


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