Digital Platform December 2020 (20.12) Update

Version 20.12 of the UO Communications web platform has been released (tagged 8.x-20.12 for Drupal 8) with the following changes:

Note: Use the 8.x-20.12-v2 tag for the UO Core module since it contains a hotfix to a small display issue regarding cta-button--submit style buttons.

Feature Updates

UO Cosmic Theme (8.x-20.12)

  • Call to action buttons now prevent envelope background styles from showing through, increasing legibility

UO Communications Install Profile

  • "Resources-For" menu is created by default and assigned to the resources-for region in the UO Banner.
  • Added Block Indent button to the editor toolbar.
  • Added list-style right click options for bulleted and numerican lists to match D7 functionality.
  • Changed marketing page envelopes to use "experimental" paragraphs form display, allowing users to collapse and duplicate envelopes
  • All media entities now redirect to the original media element

Bug Fixes

UO Banner and Footer (8.x-20.12)

  • Fixed issue where UO Banner Settings page would show a blank white page when unable to read UO Maps Building data.

UO Cosmic Theme (8.x-20.12)

  • Fixed subtheme STARTERKIT to properly load the UO Core CSS assets.
  • Fixed issue where mobile menu would display without content at exactly 960 pixel window width.
  • Fixed issue on IE11 where links on alternative background colors (such as light background cards on dark envelopes) could have poor color contrast.

UO Edit Suite (8.x-20.12)

  • Fixed issue where templates icon does not display when using local assets.
  • Fixed issue where the add column button was inaccessible behind the table resize grabber.
  • Fixed pull-quote template to properly allow users to include bold and italicized text.

UO Communications Install Profile (8.x-20.12/8102)

  • Fixed issue where feature images attached to articles would not display in the correct region

Known Bugs

  • Admin theme links now display as green, this is fixed in the next release (likely in February)