Digital Platform February 2021 (21.02) Update

Version 21.02 of the UO Communications web platform has been released (tagged 8.x-21.02 for Drupal 8) with the following changes:

Feature Updates

UO Cosmic Theme (8.x-21.02)

  • Updated styling of pause button on autoplaying videos to make it less obtrusive.
  • Link indicator icons can now display for references entities linked with linkit, even if the entity URL does not contain the filename/type. Toggle on the "Display linked media icons." text filter on your input format to enable this feature.

UO Edit Suite (8.x-21.02)

  • Captioned photos can now be aligned left or right by setting the alignment on the photo via the "Edit Media" dialog.

Bug Fixes

UO Cosmic Theme (8.x-21.02)

  • Fixed issue where admin links were green.
  • Fixed issue where center-aligned photos would not align properly.
  • Fixed media type icons from displaying twice in some situations.
  • Fixed issue where n-column (2-column, 3 column, etc) grids would not display correctly when nested inside a 40-60 or 60-40 grid.

UO Edit Suite (8.x-21.02)

  • Fixed issue where "button" or "feature image" style galleries could cause issues with saving pages.