Digital Platform February 2022 (22.02) Update

Version 22.02 of the UO Communications web platform has been released (tagged 22.02 for Drupal 9) with the following changes:

Feature Updates

UO Cosmic Theme (22.02)

  • Added classnames to manually change the font family to serif, sans-serif, or slab
    • uo-text-font--serif
    • uo-text-font--sans
    • uo-text-font--slab
  • Added utility classes for setting max height and width of block elements
  • Added utility classes for defining the max width of a content block (these should be used instead of longform-layout--content and related classes)
  • Adjusted mobile layout to no longer allow content to break the container size beyond the max window width

Bug Fixes

UO Edit Suite (22.02)

  • Fixed an issue where images on pages with galleries could incorrectly display the wrong crop
  • Fixed an issue where multiple gallery types on a page with different styles would not display correctly

New Class Examples

New CSS classnames were added in this update, allowing developers and site editors to adjust minimum block sizes.

A list of these new classes and their functions can be found here:

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