Digital Platform June 2022 (22.06) Update

Version 22.06 of the UO Communications web platform has been released (tagged 22.06 for Drupal 9) with the following changes:

Feature Updates

UO Cosmic Theme/UO Core (22.06)

  • Added "Regular Extra" text size that fits between the "Regular" and "Medium" font sizes.
    • Use the "uo-text-size--ex" class to apply this font size to an element.
  • Adjusted numerous fonts to work better with new United styling.
    • Site footer and UO Footer fonts are not in Source Sans by default for readability. Headers in these regions will still be United.
    • Call to Action Buttons and a few other elements have a mild increase in font size to make them more readable in United (due to the condensed nature of the font).
    • Changed Site subheads (Such as "Office of" that appear above or below the site title) to use United.
  • Added "Back to Top" component template that can be inserted via the templates dialog.
    • This component links back to the top of the page content by default. If it needs to be customized to link to a different anchor (such as the top of a section), the link can be adjusted after the template is inserted.

Bug Fixes

UO Cosmic Theme/UO Core (22.06)

  • Fixed display of padding on captioned images that are aligned left or right. Under certain conditions the captions for these images would not be flush with the image itself.

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