Drupal Updates — August 2018


Here are the changes and updates from this month:

  • UPDATE: Although you shouldn’t really notice a difference, we changed the back-end coding for how our grids work. That will allow us to add more functionality to our grids in the future.

  • NEW / UPDATE: The “Paste from Word” button has been removed from the toolbar since that functionality was phased out of operation. We did add increased copy and paste functionality within the text editor to now also retain extended lists (bullets, numbered lists, roman numeral lists, etc.) when pasting from Word.

    If you have trouble with retaining your formatting when copying and pasting from Word, let us know and send us a copy of the Word file you are trying to paste from, and we can look into the problem and attempt to add that functionality or provide a solution.

  • NEW: The underline button has been removed from the toolbar. You should avoid underlining on the web when something is not a link because users expect underlined words to be links. Our links automatically add the underlining, so there should be no need to add additional underlining.

  • NEW: You can now search for words/parts of words with only 2 characters. Previously it required you to enter at least 3 characters to perform a site search.

  • NEW: Site editors can now see user reports to keep track of your site users. There should be a link to “Users” on your Dashboard page.


With every code update, we try and test for any problems and make changes before we make the update. Unfortunately, sometimes issues can arise. Please look over your site and let us know if you find something that looks different or isn’t working properly.

Notice a Problem?


In response to your feedback in the survey, we have made a few changes and additions we hope will help you out:

  • Added “Getting Started” information to many of our Drupal template instructions to let you know some tricks and tips for that particular template.<

  • Added contact information at the top of each page in our Drupal instructions in case you need assistance or want additional training.

  • Added instructions for easily embedding UO maps on your website, along with some getting started tips and formatting examples.<

  • Added information that may be helpful for many of you who requested text color options, additional fonts, or additional template options. It explains the reasoning behind some of our decisions and adds a contact email if you want to request a new component or template.


Just a reminder that we have written instructions for almost everything in our Drupal platform available on the University Communication website – from functionality for editing pages, adding links and images, embedding responsive videos, and using our templates, to photo tools and writing for the web guidelines, to accessibility information and using Google analytics. We’re never more than a click away.

Drupal Basics