Drupal Updates — July 2018

We now have more than 200 site editors on the more than 60 websites that we manage. We’ve been a little behind in figuring out a plan for how to keep you all informed of what’s new, what’s changing, and what’s coming to our Drupal websites. So, we figured, now was as good a time as any to get this started.

Here are the changes and updates to our Drupal platform from the last few months:


  • UPDATE: We made tweaks to the responsive tables for more text-heavy tables. These tables will align the text to the left and use green table headers on mobile devices.

    Responsive Tables
  • COMING SOON: "Process" style timelines that allow you to categorize tasks in a process. This item shows up in the templates but is not fully operational at this time.


  • NEW: Copy and paste directly from word into the body

    The old “Paste from Word” was phased out of operation in the Drupal platform. We have updated our editor to now be able to copy and paste from Word directly into the body. This should now retain basic Word formatting – bold, italics, and links.


  • NEW: Buttons can now be aligned (center or right) using the alignment button in the editor

    Call to Action Buttons
  • NEW: Captioned-photo captions can now have bold and italicized text

    Captioned Photos
  • NEW: Added new "Submit" and "Delete" Call to Action button styles

    The “Submit” button will appear green. It should only be used once per page and only for things like "Apply," "Donate," "Submit, " or the primary action on the page.

    The “Delete” button will appear red. It should only be used once per page and only for destructive actions such as "Delete Account," "Wipe Data," etc.

    Call to Action Buttons
  • UPDATE: Added “borders” to cards so that now a grey border can outline a cardClick on the modifier (yellow wheel in the upper left-hand corner of the card) and select card—borders.

  • UPDATE: Removed older dark and white Call to Action button stylesButtons will automatically be the proper color based on the background (black on light backgrounds and white on dark backgrounds)

    Call to Action Buttons
  • UPDATE: UO Maps embeds now have a delete button on their container in the editor
  • COMING SOON: Colored backgrounds for cards.

    Currently clicking on card—background doesn’t do anything, but soon it will give you the option to add background colors.