Drupal Updates — October 2018


Here are the changes and updates from this month:

  • UPDATE: We added increased copy and paste functionality within the text editor to now also retain headers when pasting from Word. This will allow you to copy headers that are properly formatted in Word and paste them directly into the text editor and retain their header formatting.

    If you have trouble with retaining your formatting when copying and pasting from Word, let us know and send us a copy of the Word file you are trying to paste from, and we can look into the problem and attempt to add that functionality or provide a solution.

NOTE: We are aware of the problem in the grids template that can cause spacing issues and text to be hidden. It only appears while editing and doesn't affect live content. We have a fix for the problem and it will be made in the November update on November 8.


With every code update, we try and test for any problems and make changes before we make the update. Unfortunately, sometimes issues and bugs can arise. Please look over your site and let us know if you find something that looks different or isn’t working properly.

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Just a reminder that we have written instructions for almost everything in our Drupal platform available on the University Communication website – from functionality for editing pages, adding links and images, embedding responsive videos, and using our templates, to photo tools and writing for the web guidelines, to accessibility information and using Google analytics. We’re never more than a click away.

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