Logging In

If you run into a problem, have questions about how something works, or have questions about functionality that is not covered, email webservices@uoregon.edu to ask for assistance.

If you would like to set up a training for someone in your department who needs to learn our Drupal system or needs help beyond the basic instructions, please complete the request form and select training.

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To add any new content or make edits to your site you will need to be logged in.

Type in your website address followed by /duckid/login

Example: https://communications.uoregon.edu/duckid/login

That will bring you to the DuckID Login screen. Click on Login with DuckID.

NOTE: To log into staging sites (-stage), you must be either on the UO campus network or using the UO VPN. See logging into a staging site while off campus for more information.

Duck ID log in screen

Enter your Duck ID and password and click Login. Your Duck ID is the first part of your @uoregon.edu email address.

Screen shot of the Shibboleth Login page

NOTE: If you get an error message while attempting to access the user page, check that the web address is using HTTPS:// and not HTTP://

NOTE: If you have forgotten your Duck ID password, go to the Duck ID service site and click on the "Forgotten Password" link to begin password recovery.

After Logging In

After you have logged in, you will automatically be redirected back to your site's Dashboard page, and two new admin menu bars will be visible at the top of the page:

Screen shot of the Admin bar

From these two menus you can access the content creation menu or browse for the content that you wish to edit. The most commonly used menu items are Add content and Find content.

Logging into a staging site while off campus

Occasionally you may need to access a staging site while you are off campus. As staging sites are not intended for outside users to see, they are only available while using a university network such as UO Secure or the ethernet cable at your UO office.

If you are off campus and attempt to access a staging site you will receive an error message and be unable to view the staging site.  Generally it will say something about the site "timing out" or "can't be reached" and is similar to the ones show below:

Error message when off campus "The site cannot be reached"

Error message when off campus "The connection has timed out"

To view the staging site you will need to have a VPN to the UO network on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Use the two links below to download and use the UO VPN software:

To download your VPN software, click this link to pick the relevant option from the UO's Service site.

If you need help on how to use the AnyConnect VPN software, please use this link to see the Service site's help page.

Once you have installed the VPN software, and while you are logged into the VPN software, you will be able to view the staging site.  Please note that you will have to have the VPN up and be logged into the software every time you want to view a staging site while off campus. However, you only need to have the VPN running while you are viewing the staging site and can exit the program any time you are not working on or viewing the staging site.