Marketing Page Templates

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These are our advanced templates for use on our marketing pages. Marketing pages are organized by envelopes—horizontal blocks of content that can be rearranged up and down a page—that easily respond when viewed on a variety of devices. The templates include feature and hero envelopes and story block envelopes. These should be used on full-width marketing pages and homepages, with limited use on other page types.

Feature Envelope

An feature envelope is an envelope with a prominent photo on the left or right side with text on the opposite side. A background can also be used.

Hero Envelope

A hero envelope is an envelope with a large photo with text—title, subhead, and call to action button—overlaid. These are typically used at the top of marketing pages.

Story Block Envelope

Story blocks envelopes contain two stylized blocks with text—title, subhead, and call to action button—overlaid on a photo. The left stylized block automatically has a green overlay on the photo.

Summary Envelope

A summary envelope is an envelope which provides a simple summary of the page with some links. It is usually the first written content on a marketing page.

Longform Heading

A longform heading is the title, subhead, and byline for a longform immersive story.


An element with a hide toggle only shows on certain breakpoints. This allows you to hide content on mobile or tablet devices that displays on desktop versions, or vice versa.