UO Edit Suite Drupal Module

The UO Edit Suite is a Drupal module that helps site editors manage design elements (including a number of the Cosmic Design Elements) by adding additional styling as well as easy delete boxes and other editor widgets. This module allows a site editor to easily add and modify cosmic design elements without manually editing the underlying HTML code.

Example of the UO Edit Suite in use with a 3 column grid in CKEditor 4

Example of the UO Edit Suite's Visual Features

Installing the UO Edit Suite Module


  • Drupal 7
  • UOBanner Module 7.x-16.06 or Newer
  • Cosmic Theme 7.x-16.06 or Newer
  • CKEditor Version 4.5.11 via the WYSIWYG module, not via the CKEditor Drupal Module
  • WYSIWYG Module 7.x-dev version (Dev version is required for proper CKEditor 4 and template Support), recommended commit: 18deb5a
; We pull a specific commit for WYSIWYG since it doesn't have a stable release that supports CKEditor4 
libraries[wysiwyg][download][type]= "git" 
libraries[wysiwyg][download][url] = "git://git.drupal.org/project/wysiwyg.git" 
libraries[wysiwyg][download][revision] = "18deb5a" 
libraries[wysiwyg][destination] = "modules"


  • Install and Enable the UO Edit Suite module (available on git) like any normal Drupal Module
  • Enable the "UO Edit Suite" and "UO Edit Suite: Templates" buttons in your WYSIWYG profile in Drupal

Want to contribute or found a bug?

If you have a feature improvement or bug fix, please submit a pull request to the git repository on Stash. For other suggestions, bug reports, and feature requests, please email Marketing Communications.