Editorial Style Guide

This guide is intended to provide writers and editors with clear, consistent guidelines for writing about the University of Oregon. We've addressed some of the most commonly asked questions and points of style particular to the University of Oregon in the sections listed below. With a few exceptions, the UO’s editorial standards follow The Chicago Manual of Style and The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, and we encourage you to use these resources for more detailed information. If you have questions or feedback, we welcome them at 541-346-2221 or mattc@uoregon.edu.

Editorial Resources

The Chicago Manual of Style is the standard reference book on style used by the University of Oregon. Follow its recommendations for capitalization, punctuation, abbreviations, and other details of editorial style. When your material is particularly scholarly or technical, consult manuals specific to your discipline, such as guides by the American Psychological Association, the Associated Press, or the Modern Language Association. Other recommended reference works on style are the third edition of the classic Elements of Style, by William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White, and Garner’s Modern American Usage, third edition (2009), by Bryan A. Garner.

Follow The AP Stylebook when writing news releases. For additional assistance with news releases, contact the UO public affairs office at 541-346-3134 or uonews@uoregon.edu.

Our standard dictionary is Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and its online version.

Common Proofreaders' Marks