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Earned Media

Amplifying the University of Oregon Brand through Media

Earned media is a powerful tool for elevating our institution's brand. All earned media is managed by the University Communications media relations team to ensure we have a coordinated strategy.

Earned media helps deliver proof of our excellence, the validation of our achievements, and the echo of our impact to a large network. When our work garners media attention, it not only reflects well on your department or initiative but also bolsters the University of Oregon's reputation.

In addition to earned media, the media relations team also responds to journalists’ requests for interviews with experts, provides media training to faculty and staff, and hosts media forums on topics of media and public interest.

Coordination Process

We work to ensure our brand remains cohesive, compelling, and authentic. Coordinating story development and media outreach are essential in accomplishing this goal. This centralized process is not about control, but rather about collaboration, effective coordination and ensuring you feel supported in your media work. It allows us to align our messaging, maintain consistency, and amplify the impact of every story we share with the world.

To work with our office, please complete the UO Communications intake form. Use this form if you have an idea you would like to pitch. Ample advance notice (well ahead of the publication of a paper, for research news) will give us time to develop a media strategy. Researchers are encouraged to submit story ideas directly or work with their school or college communications lead on the submission. Once you complete the form, a member of our team will quickly reach out with next steps. If a press release is determined to be an effective strategy, our team will develop the release in partnership with you. All UO press releases must be issued by the UO Media Relations team in University Communications.

Submit Your Story Idea

We evaluate research story ideas for newsworthiness by asking the following questions:

  • Do the research findings impact our daily lives?
  • Are the findings relevant to people locally, statewide, nationally, or worldwide?
  • Is this discovery something you would share with your non-scientist neighbor?
  • Can you explain your research to your non-scientist neighbor in 60 seconds and they would really benefit from knowing the information?
  • Are the findings new or previously unknown?
  • Do the findings advance the field significantly?
  • Do the findings challenge current consensus?
  • Is there a wild, weird, or quirky element?
  • What was the UO’s involvement? (Is it our story to tell?)

In summary, can you simply and powerfully state: here’s what we have going on, and here’s why it really matters to a lot of people?

When crafting a press release, we will look to communicate:

The Value for our Institution: Central coordination of earned media offers immense value to both the institution and your department or program.

Brand Consistency: We ensure that every piece of media coverage aligns with our brand identity, promoting a unified and strong institutional image.

Expertise of our Community: Our team of communicators possesses a deep understanding of our university's strengths and strategic priorities. We're here to help you craft compelling narratives that resonate and align with our institutional goals.

Enhanced Visibility: Coordinating media efforts centrally maximizes our reach and impact, ensuring that our stories reach a wider and more engaged audience. We often connect to other discoveries, stories, or successes to further extend interest.

Additionally, our office has a role to play in managing our reputation. We actively monitor media coverage to safeguard our brand's reputation, addressing any issues or inaccuracies promptly and professionally. We take great pride in sharing the stories and achievements of our university community and want to work together to achieve your communication goals.

Earned media is not just a departmental endeavor; it's a collective effort to strengthen the University of Oregon's brand. Central coordination ensures that we present a united front to the world, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and innovation. Together, we can amplify our brand, celebrate our achievements, and make a lasting impact on our audience.

Contact Us

If you would prefer to discuss a matter before completing the form, please email Molly Blancett at