University of Oregon Alumni Association Logos

The University of Oregon Alumni Association (UOAA) uses two departmental logos to represent its organization. One includes the word “association” in its design, while the other version does not. Use the guidelines below to determine what applications should use which mark.

UOAA Logo with “Association”

The UOAA departmental logo that includes the word “association” is to be used for organization-focused communications such as:

  • Documents related to 501(c)(3) status
  • Letterhead
  • Return address
  • Solicitations
  • UOAA membership sales and promotions
  • Organization reports/analytics
  • Organization/campus/business/sponsor partnerships
  • Staff and volunteer name tags
  • Staff email signatures
  • Eblast, web, and publication headers/footers
UO Alumni Association logo

UOAA Logo without “Association”

The UOAA departmenal logo that does not include the word “association” is to be used for alumni-focused communications and projects, such as:

  • Affinity/Chapter/Network partnerships and promotions
  • Branded apparel and hard goods for internal use and giveaways
UO Alumni logo