Editorial Style Tips Blog

A new entry in the style guide identifies the UO as a leading research university and other tips address titles of works.
With commencement coming, check out a few things to remember for graduation programs and other content.
Read on for answers to “number” and, well, numbers . . .
These monthly University of Oregon Editorial Style Guide quick tips help ensure your communications follow UO editorial style—but which editorial style? The Chicago Manual of Style? Or the Associated Press Stylebook?
Get the scoop on “first annual,” “early career,” and how to handle run-on quotations in new paragraphs.
Are you going to game day Saturday? Do you have your Ducks game-day gear? Maybe you’re watching ESPN College GameDay instead? And just how many versions of “game day” are there, anyway?
Let’s review a few recent questions. For example, apostrophes (’) vs. single quote marks (‘). The two are not interchangeable, of course.
This month’s newsletter features a mixed bag—from proper punctuation and the appropriate way to address the university’s mascot to frequently misused or misspelled words.
With fall term just around the corner it might be a good time to brush up on the appropriate applications of campus buildings and other concerns.
Images and descriptive text invoke strong messages, but numbers are often also part of the storytelling. This month’s Quick Style Tips edition provides a general overview of numbers.