photo of the UO Duck on a t-shirt

University Marks

In addition to our primary logo, the University of Oregon has several marks that support the overall brand. University of Oregon marks are for the exclusive use of internal parties to promote the goals and purposes of the university.

These marks cannot replace the primary logo and each mark has usage guidelines. The university maintains a policy for the purpose of establishing guidelines and regulations for the use of the University Seal, the Oregon Duck, and the logo, and other related brand and trademarked information. Please review the usage policy prior to the use of these marks and review the words that are trademarked by the university.

The UO Marketing and Brand Strategy team aims to maintain consistent enforcement with professional use of our trademarks to promote and protect the university image and reputation. One-time exceptions can be granted in writing by UO Marketing and Brand Strategy on a case-by-case basis in consideration of University Communications goals.

Note: The trademark (™) and registered symbols (®) are integral to the university marks and primary logo. When enlarging any UO marks for print, products, or banners, the registered symbol should not be larger than a quarter inch. This might require a manual adjustment.

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The Great Seal

Use of the university seal is restricted to official university documents (such as diplomas, certificates, and commencement programs) and presidential documents (such as inauguration and event invitations). The Great Seal is a historic mark for the university and dates back to 1878 with a letter requesting the elements of the design.

The seal should not be screened, cropped, or altered in any way. Anyone wishing to use this mark for any other purposes must have written permission from UO Marketing and Brand Strategy. For a one-time request, email

The UO Great Seal
One-Color Black
The UO Great Seal in green
One-Color UO Green
UO Great Seal in dark gray
One-Color PMS 445
UO great seal, white on grey
Reverse White

Mascot Mark and Duck Illustrations

The Oregon Duck is one of the nation’s most beloved mascots. We use the mascot mark when we want to express pride in the UO community, let out our “inner Duck,” and have a little fun with the brand. The mascot mark can add character to your design but should never replace the primary logo or signature.

The Oregon Duck is copyrighted and licensed to the university under a special agreement and exceptional care must be taken when using this mark. Do not alter the mascot mark or use other versions; those versions are reserved for UO Athletics and licensed merchandise.

Cartoon versions or caricatures of our mascot duck are prohibited unless one-time permission has been granted by UO Marketing and Brand Strategy. It's also not permissible to alter the Duck mascot mark to be doing things or holding or wearing items. This protects the integrity of the Duck image and avoids brand and style confusion. Where possible, use photos of the Duck instead.

Do not refer to the Duck as “Puddles.”

UO mascot mark of the Duck in full colors
The Mascot Mark uses PMS 356 (UO Green), PMS 107 (UO Yellow), Black, and PMS 137 (Duckbill).

The mascot mark can only be used in the color variations below. Backgrounds are for illustration purposes only; the mark should not be put in a square background.

UO mascot mark of the Duck in black
One-Color Black
UO mascot mark of the Duck in green
One-Color UO Green
UO mascot mark of the Duck in yellow
One-Color Reverse UO Yellow
UO mascot mark of the Duck in white
One-Color Reverse White

Note: Unlike the full-color, black, and green versions, the yellow and white versions of the mascot mark have been reworked to appear correctly on dark backgrounds. Do not recolor artwork.

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Webfoot Mark

The webfoot mark—a playful element that adds to a design—can be used in communication materials but not in place of the primary logo or signature. Recommended color variations and sample configurations are shown below. Do not alter the webfoot mark, fill with patterns or images, or use other versions than the ones listed below. The line stroke weight on the webfoot mark should be set to .75 and scale appropriately.

UO webfoot mark in yellow
UO webfoot marks in yellow and green
UO webfoot marks in green

Athletic Marks

Oregon athletics are a vital part of our university culture and our brand’s reputation. Several marks are reserved exclusively for UO Athletics and licensed merchandise, subject to their own standards.

University of Oregon O logo
UO Duck mascot logo
UO logo
Oregon logo
Ducks logo
UO athletic O logo
O logo with illustrated wings
Be Oregon logo
Be Oregon logo including colorful flying duck artwork

Interlocking UO

The Interlocking UO served as the university primary logo prior to our current primary logo. The mark is utilized in retail on apparel, headwear, footwear, and hard goods. Recommended color variations are shown below. Do not alter the Interlocking UO or use other versions without prior approval from UO Marketing and Brand Strategy. The Interlocking UO should not be used on commencement merchandise. The interlocking UO logo should not be placed in a color box, the backgrounds below are for illustration purposes only.

UO interlocking logo in green
interlocking O logo in green and yellow
interlocking O logo with yellow background and green letters
interlocking O logo with green background and white and yellow letters

Disney Marks

The image of the Oregon Duck mascot is rooted in the Disney brand, creating a unique relationship with the company which requires special care and attention. Through a handshake agreement with Walt Disney in 1947, it was determined that Donald Duck's likeness could serve as the UO's mascot, if it was done in good taste. Agreements evolved through the decades. Today, the UO’s use of Disney's intellectual property is limited to retail apparel, headwear, hard goods, and on occasion, Oregon Duck football equipment. It cannot be used for purposes beyond these applications.

Four Disney drawings of ducks wearing Univeristy of Oregon apparel

Specialty Marks

Preexisting “sub brands” are rare exceptions to logo policy. There are allowances for units with a preexisting marketing effort built around a nonstandard mark. These marks are subject to their own standards of use; and creation or implementation of any specialty marks may only be done with approval from UO Marketing and Brand Strategy. Care will be taken to create style guides for these marks and document the intended use. These sub brand marks will be reviewed regularly and departments or units may be asked to accommodate changes to ensure alignment with the visual brand (e.g. color changes or graphical styles).

UO Alumni Association Departmental Logo

The University of Oregon Alumni Association (UOAA) uses two departmental logos to represent its organization.

UO Alumni logo
UO Alumni Association logo

UOAA Departmental Logo Guidelines

UO Foundation Departmental Logo

The university has authorized the UO Foundation to use this mark as their formal signature.

UO Foundation logo

Webfoot Warriors ROTC Mark

The university has authorized the Army ROTC Webfoot Warriors to use this design as their formal mark. This mark can appear alone or with their departmental logo as long as clear space guidelines are followed.

Webfoot Warriors logo

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