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Cobranding and Sponsorship

The University of Oregon frequently collaborates with businesses, nonprofit organizations, partner institutions, and other outside affiliates. Below you will find examples of how to co-brand with other organizations or route requests for external parties to utilize our university name or marks. 

Utilization of the University of Oregon Name by External Parties

The university name, primary logo, and other marks cannot appear as an endorsement of any product, service, or business—this includes product reviews or requests from vendors to endorse a product. The UO Marketing and Brand Strategy team approves all request to utilize the University of Oregons names or marks by external parties. For assistance with official contracts, contact

Sponsorship by Non-University Entities

UO Government and Community Relations (GCR) has policy that provides guidance to schools, colleges, departments, academic or administrative units, and registered student organizations (RSOs) on the sponsorship of university or RSO events, programs, publications or other activities by non-university entities. Review the policy on the GCR website

Co-branding Usage Examples

Color Usage

Use the primary UO logo or departmental logo in an approved color variation. If the logo will be placed on a colored background outside of the UO brand, use a black or white version.

Primary Sponsorship

Primary sponsorship flier with UO and partner logos

For designed collateral, the University of Oregon primary logo or departmental logo should appear in the principal location at a large scale. Use assets and elements from the UO brand.

External logos and names should appear at a reduced scale in a black or white treatment.

Equal Partner or Sponsor

Equal partner and UO logos on a flier

The University of Oregon primary logo and departmental logo should be sized equally to affiliate logos. Follow clear space guidelines.

Use Horizontal 356–445 colored version of the logo or another option appropriate to the design.

Major Listing with Other Brands

UO and partner logos on a flier

Contextualize the partnership with external parties. Use terms such as “Sponsored by” or “Presented by” above the University of Oregon primary logo or departmental logo.


drawing of a green cobranded t-shirt with white company logos

Please consult with Marketing and Brand Strategy prior to soliciting a sponsor or executing a contract agreement for sponsorship in highly visible locations or on any merchandise. Sponsor logos cannot appear in UO primary colors unless the business uses that as their primary color. If the sponsorship logo is going on apparel with a university logo or mark, you will need written approval. For approval, please email As a reminder, the university will not promote businesses listed on our trademark and licensing policies.

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