students walking in front of Lundquist College of Business

Brand Attributes

The University of Oregon is a tier-one research university where our spirit of collaboration and innovation ignites endless possibilities. As a premier institution of higher education, we embody a set of brand attributes that describe who we are and define our priorities. Though they may not be unique individually, in combination they describe the essence of the Oregon way. We are guided by our commitment to innovation, collaboration, research, academic excellence, environmental stewardship, and the values of an inclusive community.

Innovation and Collaboration

We embrace a collaborative spirit that propels us to the forefront of knowledge, research, and discovery. Our faculty, staff, and students fearlessly push boundaries, explore uncharted territory, and seek breakthrough solutions in the field and on the field. Through a culture of collaboration and interdisciplinary thinking, we foster an environment where diverse perspectives and disciplines intersect. This dynamic synergy sparks new ideas, drives innovation, and fuels our collective pursuit of advancements to shape the future of Oregon and global society. 

Research and Discovery

The curiosity, wonder, and commitment of our researchers, faculty members, undergraduates, and graduate students have led to impacts felt all around us. Millions of American schoolchildren use educational materials developed here. Faculty are creating new ways to treat disease, prevent injury, and improve children’s behavioral health. The first cloning of a vertebrate—the zebrafish—happened right here, dramatically increasing global understanding of genetic mutation. We study language, music, art, design, and cultures to learn from the past to create a more equitable future for all. As one of only 71 research institutions that comprise the American Association of Universities, and soon to be a member of the Big Ten Academic Alliance, we’re only getting started asking questions, opening doors, and following new paths. 


We are committed to providing an unparalleled educational experience in the classroom and beyond. We look for new realms of study and advance our work as industry leaders. Experts in their fields, our faculty members deliver engaging lectures, conduct curiosity-driven research, and mentor students as they pursue their passion and flourish. With a broad range of majors, academic programs, and co-curricular experiences, we equip our graduates with the knowledge and skills to excel on their career path and make meaningful contributions in their communities. United in our belief that research can advance society, serve humanity, and build a better future, ​​​​we create and share knowledge in service to Oregon, the nation, and the world. 

Environmental Stewardship

We are known for our longstanding traditions of environmental teaching, research, service, and activism. Ducks appreciate where they live and enjoy hiking, rafting, skiing, and surfing in the beautiful state where they live. Situated amid the trees, trails, mountains, streams, and beaches of the scenic Pacific Northwest, our campuses serve as living laboratories for sustainable practices and groundbreaking environmental research. Our students work alongside faculty members and experts in various fields to find new solutions and insights to be more sustainable and better stewards of our planet. We work to reduce our ecological footprint, advance renewable energy, instill a deep sense of environmental consciousness, and address pressing environmental issues.

Inclusive Community

Equity, inclusion, access, and belonging are at the heart of the University of Oregon's vibrant community. We celebrate the richness of our diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, working to foster an inclusive environment where everyone feels they belong and can thrive as a valued and empowered member of our community. Through equitable access to education, support services, multicultural centers, and resources, we strive to remove barriers and provide exceptional opportunities for our students and employees. We believe that a diverse and inclusive community enhances learning, shapes inquiry, builds excellence, and prepares our graduates to be thoughtful citizens of the world.


Last updated: January 29, 2024