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Social Media

At the University of Oregon, we use social media to build community and foster inspiration around the mission, values, and brand of the institution.

We do this by sharing the stories of the University of Oregon—the accomplishments, experiences, and unique qualities of being a Duck—on platforms where our community is organically gathering, that are accessible to our community, and that provide a stage to share our stories. Our goal is to create content that entertains, educates, resonates, and inspires.

Social media is constantly evolving and we are updating our strategy with it. To find information on the latest updates we've made to the social media section of the brand manual, visit our Brand Blog.

Interested in creating a social media account?

Social media is a powerful tool to connect with our community and represent our brand. And as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility.
Before starting a new social media account for a UO department, program, or unit, visit our Starting a Social Media Account webpage to make sure you are prepared to launch your new account successfully.​

Social Media Guidance and Resources

Social media strategy is core to any successful social media effort. This section provides a framework and resources for developing a social media strategy. It also includes practices and guidelines that all university and university-affiliated social media accounts are required to follow.

Content is the lifeblood of every social media account. This section is mainly focused on written content, but links to resources in other sections of the brand manual for developing visual content in alignment with the university's branding standards.

Social media is interactive and, if it is successful, will engage with many different parts of the UO community. The UO welcomes engagement from our community on posts made by university and university-affiliated accounts. However, sometimes comments made by users may be cause for concern and must be evaluated appropriately.

If you have questions about moderating comments, please contact the University Communications social media team.

In terms of social media, accessibility means making our content as widely accessible as possible. It is an intrinsic part of our values as a university and helps ensure our social media content can reach everyone in our community. The UO ICT Accessibility Program has created a central hub for digital accessibility resources and guidance to help faculty, staff, and students create and maintain accessible digital content and services, including resources for digital accessibility and social media.

Digital Accessibility

Links to individual social media accounts for university departments, programs, and units can be found on the UO's A-Z Index. Accounts are represented by social media icons to the right of the department, program, or unit's name. If you manage a social media account for a UO department, program, or unit and would like to have your account added to the index, please email

A-Z Index

University Communications has a robust library of curated assets, including social media templates, toolkits, and strategy documents, available in the UO Brand Library. The University Communications social media team regularly updates and adds new assets. Check out the available resources in the Brand Library and let us know if there are additional resources that would be helpful in your management of UO social media accounts.

​​​​​UO Brand Library

Additional Guidance Coming Soon

  • Social Media Listening
  • Social Media Analytics


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Jesse Summers
Director of Social Media and Brand Strategy

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