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Design Competitions

Design competitions at the University of Oregon are an opportunity for the campus community to show off their creativity and express their Duck pride. With creativity comes the importance of rules and boundaries to help guide that vision. It is also imperative to uphold the UO brand and our trademark and licensing agreements when designing, as not to dilute or undermine our identity.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Designers must follow all contest rules and the Oregon Brand Guide to be considered.
  • By participating, designers give their permission to the UO to modify design elements that do not adhere exactly to the rules and brand guidelines.
  • Selected designs must be reviewed by the Marketing and Brand Strategy team for approval before the winner is announced. Send finalists’ designs to
  • Winning designs that include UO trademarks or branding must be produced by UO Print Services or a UO licensed vendor.

Some helpful tips are provided below.


Use Source Sans or Source Serif font when the United font is not available.

Learn more about Typography


Use UO Green (PMS 356) and UO Yellow (PMS 107) as primary colors. 

Secondary colors can be used to complement the primary colors.

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Merchandise Colors

UO Green, UO Yellow, black, white, or gray must be used.

Learn more about Merchandise Colors

Trademarks and Logos

  • Designs can use the primary logo when applied with proper clear space. The three elements of the primary logo include the Oregon O, the rule, and the university wordmark. Changing the primary logo or making variations is prohibited.
  • Designs cannot use athletic marks, the interlocking UO, or the great seal.
  • The mascot mark and webfoot may be used as design elements, unaltered.
  • Do not illustrate the Duck or any other representations of a duck in the design. Using photos of the Duck is okay.
  • Designers cannot create their own logo.
  • If designs are being utilized for merchandise or apparel, additional rules apply.

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Trademarked and Registered Verbiage

The UO has trademarked several words and phrases. These words can be used in the design and will require the appropriate trademark.

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