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Branded Products and Apparel

Utilizing branded merchandise and apparel is a great way to engage with our audiences and promote the brand. When conceptualizing and crafting promotional products, it's essential to adhere to brand guidelines and licensing protocols noted below. This page details the process, please also see Trademark and Licensing Policies for additional requirements and details.

Licensing Process and Art Approvals

Products, applications, and designs must be approved by the UO Marketing and Brand Strategy office to ensure compliance with our policies and contracts. Please allow up to 10 business days for processing each request—though we will work hard to reply sooner. Please review unacceptable products prior to selecting your product. To order, you will need to take the following steps for merchandise and apparel.

  1. Select a UO licensed vendor. The University of Oregon has over 250 approved licensed vendors throughout the state and country. If you are unable to find product offerings from licensees that fulfill your needs, contact
  2. Develop artwork. Work with your team or vendor and develop artwork that follows the UO brand guidelines. Some merchandise and apparel examples are shown below. Contact our creative media team at for additional guidance on artwork development. We encourage you to ask our team first as you are developing unique projects. For more details, please see our Marks and Logos section of the website.
  3. Submit final artwork to the vendor. The vendor is contractually obligated to independently submit any artwork to the UO Marketing and Brand Strategy team for approval. Any changes or modifications will be communicated to the vendor and/or department to ensure compliance with all policies and contracts.

    Please note: our university has a special relationship with several major brands, and it is critical we adhere to those contractual obligations. There are times when the UO Marketing and Brand Strategy team will give one-time or special exceptions on internal orders but more often, they work to enforce standards in a consistent way.
  4. Receive approval. If the product, application, and artwork are approved, UO Marketing and Brand Strategy team will provide final sign-off to the vendor that production can begin.

Merchandise and Apparel Guidelines

  • Use official brand fonts only for text on branded apparel and merchandise.
  • Always select products that use our primary color palette and print or embroider our color palette unless approved by the Marketing and Brand Strategy team as an exception. Old university colors including all secondary color palette colors will be denied.
  • If you have a sponsor logo(s) on items, please confirm with UO Marketing and Brand Strategy that there is not a UO contractual conflict with the sponsor and only list logos in black, white, or non-UO primary colors.
  • Units are not permitted to produce items for retail or to sell without written permission from UO Marketing and Brand Strategy.
  • The departmental signature may not be broken apart in any way so the O would stand alone.
  • Unique graphics, illustrations, and type treatments are permitted assuming they do not utilize portions of the departmental signature or any of its elements. The item must include the departmental signature. The unique graphic must represent the university in a positive way and may not violate other guidance outlined in the brand guidelines.
  • Line art must follow university standards for the weight and treatment and the graphics should not be used in conjunction with a departmental signature. The graphic should appear separately and meet clear space requirements with the departmental signature. In most cases, the best way to provide separation is to place the departmental signature in one place and the graphic or line art in a second imprint area. Contact if the imprint area is too small.
  • The university will not allow internal merchandise orders on lululemon products, including unbranded product lines. 
  • For more information about merchandise and apparel, including colors and quantities, please our Trademark and Licensing Policies page.

Registered Symbols

Whenever wordmarks, trademarks, logos, symbols, and/or elements associated with the University of Oregon’s visual identity appear on merchandise and apparel, they must be accompanied by the appropriate registration mark. That may be a ® or ™ symbol, depending on the legal registration status of the trademark displayed. UO departmental and secondary signatures are not required to have a ® or ™ symbol. We recommend the symbol be on the bottom right of the artwork if possible and be small but visible. In most cases, the symbol should be no larger than .25 inches. This will require adjustment depending on the product size. 

Unacceptable Products and Services

The University of Oregon will not approve the use of its name or marks to promote unacceptable products.

Visit our University Trademark and Licensing Policy page to learn about unacceptable products and services.

Acceptable Examples:

drawing of a backpack including the UO School of Music and Dance logo
drawing of a green and yellow ball cap that includes the UO School of Law logo
drawing of UO-branded lanyard
drawing of book with UO logo on cover, entitled Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program
drawing of pens that include branding for the Robert D. Clark Honors College
drawing of a green t-shirt that includes a UO University Catering logo
drawing of a yellow t-shirt that includes the Duck and a UO logo
drawing of a yellow water bottle that includes a UO Marine Biology logo


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