UO students at a basketball game

Student Organizations, Clubs, and Esports

UO esport player at a computer screen

UO Marketing and Brand Strategy is currently working on a process to provide a logo system for UO recognized student organizations. Input will be coordinated through the ASUO office and students will be consulted for their feedback on solutions and designs. 

Student organizations cannot use the “O” mark for marketing, advertisement, or identity purposes unless one-time written permission has been granted form UO Marketing and Brand Strategy. University Communications remains committed to designing a logo system that connects our students with the overarching UO brand.

Student organizations wishing to order merchandise using any registered marks or words should email uobrand@uoregon.edu. In the email, please include information regarding the concept, type of merchandise, and plans for its use. All approved merchandise will be for student members of the registered organization only and may not be sold or used to raise money or fundraise. Information on how to order merchandise can be found on our Branded Products page.

Club Sports and Esports

Officially recognized Club Sports and Esports teams can use the Mascot Duck mark and Handel Gothic D font on jerseys and other apparel.

  • Club Sports teams are required to have the official "club sports" patch on official uniforms. 
  • Placement of the “club sports” patch should be in one of three locations on the uniform jersey: front chest area, right or left arm sleeve, or the back of the neck area. 
  • Sizing of the patch should be two inches in diameter. 
  • The word “club” must be included on other apparel. 
  • Any club uniforms that include the Oregon O must observe clear space guidelines

Requests for additional usage of marks can be made through and are at the discretion of the UO Marketing and Brand Strategy office. University agreements will be adhered to when reviewing requests.

drawing of a UO baseball jersey
drawing of a UO basketball jersey
drawing of a UO hockey jersey
drawing of yellow Oregon Club Rowing t-shirt
drawing of a green Oregon Club Tennis backpack with Duck logo
drawing of a green Oregon Alpine Ski Club beanie

Usage of Marks

yellow University of Oregon Club Sports logo patch on a drawing of a green shirt
University of Oregon Club Sports logo patch on a drawing of a branded hockey jersey sleeve
University of Oregon Club Sports logo patch on a drawing of a branded baseball jersey
University of Oregon O logo on a drawing of a branded shirt, showing required clear space around the O