Video Branding and Motion Design

Motion Design

Motion design combines graphic design, animation, and sound effects to bring static designs to life. It encompasses everything from logo animations and explainer videos to motion graphics for the web.

To maintain a consistent look and feel, University Communications has developed a package of motion graphic templates that are compatible with Adobe Premiere. Watch the tutorial for instructions on how to download, install, and use these templates.

Download Motion Graphic Templates

Lower Third Titles

When using lower thirds graphics on video consider these tips:

  • Reveal the lower third the first time the viewer sees the interview on camera.
  • Use the negative space around the subject. Do not place a lower third on top of the interviewee.
  • Place the graphic where it is most readable.
  • Use a black, feathered background behind the lower third when readability is an issue.
  • Leave the graphic on-screen long enough to be read at a reasonable pace.
  • Include in lower thirds only titles relevant to content.

Logo Usage

All videos produced by the University of Oregon must begin and/or end with the UO logo and wordmark. The logo should remain on-screen for at least three seconds. For schools, colleges, and departments, use the corresponding horizontal or vertical logo.

Example of UO logo on aerial campus photo as a video outro

Standard Logo Animation

When placing the outro over footage be mindful of the color, contrast, and motion of the video clip you select so the UO signature is clearly readable.

Example of UO stacked logo on aerial Eugene campus image

Stacked Logo Animation

A stacked signature including department name can be used for videos focusing on a program, academic unit, school, or college.

✓ DO


  • Don't put a watermark or bug on any video being uploaded to a UO channel.
  • Don't use copyright music or imagery without proper licensing, unless the materials are available under fair use provisions.
  • Don't monetize UO YouTube videos.