Applying the Brand

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Applying the Brand

There are may ways to apply the brand through a variety of channels or products. The sample work throughout this section show you the brand in action and give you guidance as you are working to execute projects. While there is flexibility to some of these examples, it is important to note the value of consistency and connecting to the university brand in appropriate ways. You can find more templates and ways to apply the brand in our Brand Library.

Our Work


Branded Products and Apparel

Branded products and merchandise are a fun way to amplify the brand. Because our logos and marks are registered and trademarked, there are trademark policies and procedures that must be followed to ensure we meet our contractual obligations and licensing policies. Explore the process, timeline, examples, and find contact information should you any have questions.

Trademark Policies and Procedures


printed flyer for the Ballmer Institute


When designing projects for print, it is important to leverage, maintain, and elevate the UO brand. We have resources to help you achieve your goals and Print Services can provide finished products.
photographer taking a photo


When taking or selecting an image, it is important to use authentic images and capture real moments. We have compiled some resources and direction to help you achieve your goals.
videographer filming a female student


When producing video and motion graphics, it is important to elevate the UO brand and consider how the medium can help you achieve your goals. We have outlined resources to support your goals.
someone looking at the UO instagram on their phone

Social Media

Social media is a broad and effective tool to reach audiences and amplify the brand. There are many considerations prior to starting a channel and policies that dictate how to maintain the channel. Please review carefully and connect with our team for questions, needs, and issues.

Social Media Resources and Guidelines

computer screen with UO website on it


Our web presence is the university’s digital front door. We are committed to taking an inclusive and welcoming user-centered approach that provides maximum utility for our various audiences while maintaining a consistent experience across all University of Oregon websites.

Web Resources and Guidelines

Join the Flock billboard ad that includes photo of the Duck


Most advertising can be done by units independently but some campaigns require coordination and sign-off. Explore the guidelines prior to creating an external advertising campaign.
wayfinding map on wall at the Erb Memorial Union

Campus Signage

The University of Oregon has policies and procedures for campus signage and coordinates with several offices depending on the sign. Explore the options, guidance, and policies before making the project.
UO branded jersey t-shirt design

Design Competitions

Design competitions are a way to show off school spirit and creativity. It is important, though, to ensure that the designs are in support of our identity. Learn how to create your next entry while staying on brand.
a laptop displaying an email draft with example UO signature

Email Signature

Your signature block is an important component of your email as it provides the recipient with important information about you. Explore how to build your email signature to be in alignment with the university.