Marks and Logos

head and arms of the Oregon Duck statue

University Marks and Logos

The University of Oregon has a distinct and special collection of logos and marks with unique meaning and historic significance. These marks bond our community together and provide a way for our audiences to recognize and connect with the brand. It is important that our logos and marks are used with care and in accordance with our shared brand guidelines. Explore our logos, marks, cobranding, sponsorship, and trademark policies.

a portion of the UO signature

Primary Logo

The University of Oregon is well known for its iconic "O" logo. We maintain a set of standards to protect the integrity of this mark and ensure it is treated with care. Before using the O, please explore the guidance and polices to ensure your results follow brand standards.

Primary Logo Guidelines

UO College of Design logo

Department Logos

Departmental logos or secondary logos are the university O logo in conjunction with a division, department, or unit name. Explore the policies and guidance with these logos.
UO Oregon Duck logo

University Marks

The university has several registered university marks like the interlocking UO, university seal, and our mascot duck. Explore the policies and guidance with these marks.
UO esport player looking at computer

Student Org Logos

Recognized Student Organizations and Club Sports are an important part of our community. Explore the process and policies for utilizing university marks for student orgs.

Trademark and Licensing

The university marks and logos that are registered or trademarked must follow trademark and licensing policies. Our site outlines the specific policies in accordance with our contractual obligations and partnerships. Please explore these policies and work with our Marketing and Brand Strategy team to ensure proper use on products, apparel, advertising, and more.

Trademark and Licensing Policies



UO and OSU flyer for cohosted event

Cobranding and Sponsorship

The university is proud to work with a number of partners and businesses to support our shared goals and missions. When cobranding or sponsoring an event, project, or apparel, carefully review our standards and communicate our requirements with those we have an executed agreement. Contact the Marketing and Brand Strategy team if you have any questions along the way.

Cobranding and Sponsorship Guidance