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University Trademark and Licensing Policy

University Trademark and Licensing Policy

Vendors who manufacture and/or sell items imprinted with any of the University of Oregon’s trademarked property must be officially licensed by the university. Due to contractual obligations to the university, all merchandise orders that include apparel, promotional products, and staff apparel with university marks must be reviewed and approved by UO Marketing and Brand Strategy. If you are looking for information on how to order and/or guidelines on including the Oregon O on apparel please see Branded Products and Apparel for details.

All merchandise and apparel must be purchased through an approved and currently licensed vendor. The University of Oregon has over 250 approved licensed vendors throughout the state and country.

Please note that UO’s policies and procedures should be adhered to with all purchases as required with UO Purchasing and Contracting Services. If you cannot find a company to source your product or have questions, please contact Visit the policy library to read more about the university trademark policy.

Commercial filming and photography, including the use of any trademark, requires permission from UO Marketing and Brand Strategy. For more information, view our filming and photography polices.

Approved Internal Licensee Lists

Trademarked and Registered Verbiage

The following words are protected under our trademark policies.

University of Oregon, Oregon, Oregon Ducks, Ducks, Oregon Football, Oregon Basketball, Quack Attack, Oregon Baseball, Hayward Field, Autzen, Autzen Stadium, Mac Court, Jane Sanders Stadium, MATT Arena, PK Park, Sco Ducks, Duck Friday, We are Oregon, UO, U of O.

Required Merchandise Colors: Primary Color Palette


UO Green


UO Yellow

Required Garment Colors

UO green Pantone 356, UO yellow Pantone 107, gray, black, and white, or closest to match

Quantity Restrictions on Apparel

On department-branded orders under 1,000 units, the manufacturer’s logo or branding cannot appear on the exterior of the garment unless it is a Nike product; an inside the neck label is acceptable. This restriction applies to all primary, secondary, departmental, and informal signatures.

On orders totaling 1,000 units or more, contact for assistance to ensure compliance with contractual obligations.

Selling Merchandise with UO Trademarks

UO departments are not allowed to sell merchandise or conduct fundraisers with any UO trademark without expressed written consent from UO Marketing and Brand Strategy. If a branded merchandise item is used as a membership benefit, the department must get approval in writing on any agreement from UO Marketing and Brand Strategy and details will be reviewed annually.

Student Organization/Club Sports/E Sports

Use of the University of Oregon’s word marks, trademarks, logos, and/or symbols creates an association with the university that needs to be protected. Officially recognized student organizations can request merchandise and apparel for an event. The student organization requestor must be a registered student of the University of Oregon. Word marks and graphics are available with apparel. The O mark is not allowed for use by any student organization for marketing, advertisement, or identity purposes. Products are for organization members only and cannot be used as a giveaway.

Officially recognized Club Sports and Esports teams can use the Mascot Duck mark and Handel Gothic D font on jerseys and other apparel. The word “club” must be included on jerseys for all club sports that are sponsored by Athletics or Nike. Additionally, Club Sports teams that are not sponsored by Athletics or Nike will be required to have a "club sports" patch on their official jersey or merchandise. UO Marketing and Brand Strategy manages requests for additional use of marks in light of university agreements. Requests for additional usage of marks are at the discretion of the UO Marketing and Brand Strategy office. University agreements will be adhered to when reviewing requests.

It is imperative that a licensed vendor is used for production and manufacture of any product bearing the marks of the university. Internal licensee resources below provide a current list of vendors to view and/or print.

Emerge-NIL Policy

The EMERGE program is a comprehensive education program designed to provide student-athletes with knowledge and tools that will assist them in optimizing opportunities related to the name, image and likeness (NIL) legislation. EMERGE will position student-athletes for personal and professional growth outside of the classroom and training and playing facilities through workshops, modules, and educational experiences in three core areas:

  • Personal Branding Strategies and Acceleration
  • Foundations of Business and Financial Literacy
  • Managing NIL Opportunities

The University of Oregon Athletics Department looks forward to continued partnerships with local businesses, donors, and corporate partners in navigating these new, exciting opportunities. To learn more about the Emerge-NIL Policy please visit their website.

Unacceptable Products and Services

The University of Oregon will not approve the use of its name or marks to promote the following products:

  • Tobacco, controlled substances, sexually oriented products or services, or religious products or services.
  • Text or graphics that are judged to be sexually suggestive; denigrating language by any group including another college or university; items that infringe on the marks of other trademark owners on products or services; endorsement of non-University of Oregon products or services or political candidates, campaigns, or affiliations.
  • Products that do not meet minimum standards of quality and/or taste or are judged to be dangerous or carry high product liability risks.

Products or sponsorships by alcohol companies or organizations associated with gaming is subject to additional review. 

Contact Us

For questions, contact our UO Marketing and Brand Strategy team at The team can provide you information regarding our Fanatics Licensing Management guidelines for retail apparel or how a vendor can become licensed.

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