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University Communications met strategic objectives across channels and media, ranging from social media to long-form storytelling.

Oregon Quarterly website displayed on laptop

Oregon Quarterly Goes Digital

What: In April 2023, Oregon Quarterly turned a new page in its 104-year history, going live with a new website and digital-only presence.

Strategic Objective: Provide a fresh, clean look while complementing in-depth stories and vivid photography with a digital approach. 

How: Partnering across the division and with consultants to reimagine the university magazine, reaching more readers where they're reading — on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Mighty Oregon

What: Launched in January 2023, the Mighty Oregon report frames and advances the big ideas that unite and guide our university.

Strategic Objective: Introduce nine key challenges where the UO has the resources, culture, and expertise to lead, solve, and excel.

How: Featuring new content as well as past work, Mighty Oregon was a collaborative, multi-media effort involving senior leaders and staff from across University Communications.

ESPN GameDay on Instragram

ESPN College GameDay Visits Campus

What: In October 2022, ESPN's College GameDay returned to the University of Oregon campus for its 11th visit as the Ducks took on the UCLA Bruins.

Strategic Objective: Although an athletically focused event, GameDay was an opportunity to amplify the University of Oregon brand, engage a broad community of Ducks, and showcase what it means to be a Duck.

How: University Communications staff joined our community in the early morning hours to capture fan moments throughout the GameDay broadcast and shared them on the institution's social media accounts.

Lundquist College of Business website

Business Website Launches

What: The communications team in the Lundquist College of Business worked closely with University Communications’ Digital Strategy team to launch a new website for the college in March 2023. The Digital Strategy team’s Drupal platform now supports primary websites for all schools and colleges at the UO.

Strategic Objective: Enhance the UO's reputation and that of the Lundquist College of Business with a new website, which showcases a well-defined, compelling, and differentiated brand and delivers consistent, effective, and integrated messaging serving multiple audiences.

How: Over the course of more than a year, teams worked together to design and develop usability and messaging to support the college’s website, while developing new functionality that can be scaled across the University Communications web platform. Because of the college’s engagement and commitment to the process, the improvement is continuous, with potential for new features to be piloted and deployed.

Heart of Tracktown Premieres

What: When the World Athletic Championships came to the University of Oregon in the summer of 2022, many people wondered why such a high-profile event would come to a place like Eugene, Oregon. The Heart of Tracktown gave them all the answers and more.

Strategic Objective: The documentary was an opportunity to highlight what makes the University of Oregon a truly unique place. “Tracktown” isn’t just a nickname. It is a marker of who we are as a community and how we strive to make a difference in the world.

How: The University Communications video team developed the documentary over the course of several months, working with members of the community and programs throughout the university to highlight how running and track are woven into everything from community runs to cutting-edge research.

CAS website displayed on laptop

College of Arts and Sciences Websites Launch

What: The communications team in the College of Arts and Sciences partnered with the Digital Strategy team to launch a new web presence for the college. Over the course of several months, the college launched a handful of sites, including those for humanities, natural sciences and social sciences, all on the University Communications platform.

Strategic Objective: Unify the web presence for the college in an intuitive and efficient manner. 

How: For a span of over two years, teams in CAS and Communications worked together to design and develop a strategic approach for the college's broad web presence.

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