Usage Policy

Using the UO Brand

Images, logos, photos, and drawings of University of Oregon trademarks and property are strictly protected and require advance permission to use. Following are our guiding policies that will help you decide how best to approach a UO partnership.

General Policy

The University of Oregon does not lend, endorse, sponsor, or partner with external parties through the use of its name, logos, campus images or photos of buildings and grounds in a way that could imply an endorsement or sponsorship of a company, individual or other entity, its products, charitable contributions, or other business activities unless formal written approval has been granted. The university has existing relationships with charitable organizations, manages sponsorships with businesses through its Intercollegiate Athletic Department, and has a formal licensing program managing the use of its trademarks.

Requirements of Consent

A waiver to this prohibition may be considered if such endorsement is the subject of an agreement of substantial importance and value to the university, which retains all rights to make such decisions. If you would like to propose a waiver, please submit a formal request to UO Marketing and Brand Strategy at The decision to grant a waiver and the extent of the same shall be at the discretion of that office, taking into consideration, among other things, the university’s marketing and brand management’s goals:

To promote and protect the university by implementing a management system which establishes the means for consistent, favorable, and professional use of the brand and the trademarks and to fulfill the legal obligation to protect the university’s image and trademarks.

The University of Oregon prefers to negotiate waiver requests with a minimum of three weeks advance notice and reserves the right to deny negotiations if the timeliness factor is not observed.


UO Marketing and Brand Strategy shall be responsible for the implementing and interpreting the policies on this page and for negotiating the required contracts. For more information, see our brand guidelines