University Communications Diversity Committee


In 2016, each administrative unit, school and college was asked to create a Diversity Action Plan – DAP. DAPs were to be in line with the president’s priorities and the IDEAL Framework – Inclusion, Diversity, Evaluation, Achievement, and Leadership, and were to identify tactics, measures, resources, and lead personnel. A UO Communications DAP was originally created in 2017.

In 2019, a Communications Diversity Committee was formed to update the initial Diversity Action Plan for communications and to focus on other needed diversity work. The current DAP includes foci on recruitment and retention of diverse staff and raising the level of cultural awareness of staff to help create more culturally conscious communications across platforms. The committee has also organized and executed a number of diversity trainings, activities and events for Communications Division.


Members represent the various areas of communication, e.g., video, graphics, writing, web services, social media, as well as those who work exclusively in central communications or are housed in particular units or colleges. Current members:

  • tova stabin, co-chair
  • Lauren Stanfield, co-chair
  • Laura Bottem
  • Jason Huebsch
  • Lesli Larson
  • Charlie Litchfield
  • Krystin VanderMeer
  • Allison VanSciver

Current Projects:

Creating guidelines for diversity component for evaluations 

Diversity questions and requirements for hiring committees 

Diversity Professional Development: 

Overseeing Me and White Supremacy study groups project 

Diversity content for all staff meetings 

Prioritizing and enacting other Diversity Action Plan items 


Diversity Action Plan 

IDEAL Framework 

Implicit Bias workshops and information

Me and White Supremacy 

UO Strategies and Working Groups 

Gemini group (presented diversity training to communicators)