Student Employee Development

Skills Trainings

The Communications Academy offers a number of student employee trainings for communications and marketing student employees across the University of Oregon. Supervisors and students working in communications and marketing roles are welcome to use these trainings hosted through LinkedIn Learning (UO DuckID required to login).

Learning Resources

In addition to formal trainings, the Communications Academy has curated resources from the LinkedIn Learning library to support additional learning in select skill areas (UO DuckID required to login).

Student Employee Surveys

The Communications Academy uses a number of surveys to track student employee development and support a positive employment experience. These surveys are available to student employee supervisors who may be interested in using them to support student employees working in marketing and communications roles. The current surveys are listed and described below. For access to the surveys, please email

Skill Inventories

Skill inventory surveys ask student employees to rate their confidence with different aspects of communications tools, tactics, and strategies. This does not necessarily measure competence with the skill, but the student employee’s confidence in using the skill and feeling of mastery of the skill. The Communications Academy currently has surveys for social media, graphic design, and writing. Additional surveys are being developed.

Six Month Survey

The six-month survey is a tool to check in with a student employee following roughly six months of their student employment experience. It is meant to assist the supervisor and student employee in making sure they are on the same page in terms of expectations, responsibilities, and effective communication. Supervisors should review the response to this survey and discuss the response as needed with their student employee.

Annual Experience Survey

The annual experience survey asks student employees to reflect on their experience over the past year and identify areas they may need additional support from their supervisor as well as what work has been meaningful to them. Supervisors should review the response to this survey and discuss the response as needed with their student employee.


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