UO Catalogs

The University of Oregon currently publishes three catalogs. The general UO Catalog is published online only, effective with the 2011–12 edition. Also available are the School of Law Catalog and the Summer Session Catalog.

For the current edition of the general catalog, visit the online UO Catalog. Included there is information about navigating the website and about using the search function. You also can find instructions for how to print specific sections of the catalog or for purchasing a printed version of the entire catalog.

For UO School of Law academic information, including an online law school course catalog, visit law.uoregon.edu/academics. For additional information about law degrees, also see the School of Law section of the general UO Catalog.

For UO summer course and workshop information, including a searchable online summer course catalog, visit the Summer Session website.

The UO Catalog relies on the following resources:

  • The University of Oregon style guide
  • The Chicago Manual of Style, sixteenth edition
  • The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, fifth edition
  • Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, unabridged

For more information about UO catalogs, contact Matt Cooper at 541-346-8875 or mattc@uoregon.edu. UO Libraries keeps back issues of the general catalog, dating back to the first issue: academic year 1877-78 ($20 tuition per term, how times have changed).