Web Colors


Our web colors are listed as hex and RGB values only because they have been subtly modified for use digitally.

To help serve those with low vision, low contrast sensitivity, or color blindness, some of our web colors have been altered slightly from the print version to ensure web accessibility.

Do not convert the print colors into web colors, or the web colors into print colors.

Print Colors

Primary Color Palette

The University of Oregon institutional colors are green and yellow. They play a vital role in defining the University of Oregon brand, and should always be used as the dominant colors.


UO Green

RGB (0,112,48)


UO Yellow

RGB (254,225,26)


Secondary Color Palette

Our secondary color palette was chosen to complement our primary colors, and includes shades that reflect the natural beauty of our environment.

Secondary colors should be used occasionally and sparingly, and must always play a supporting role to green and yellow. Under no circumstances should any of them become the predominant color for a school, center, institute, or department.

When using secondary colors, use caution to avoid creating designs that do not represent the University of Oregon, or, worse, appear to represent another institution.


Legacy Green

RGB (16,71,53)


Grass Green

RGB (72,157,70)


Lime Green

RGB (138,187,64)



RGB (226,226,27)


Dark Blue

RGB (0,79,110)


Light Blue

RGB (0,165,181)



RGB (141,29,88)


Dark Gray

RGB (77,88,89)


Medium Gray

RGB (147,152,143)


Light Gray

RGB (216,220,218)