Academic and Administrative Leadership List


The Academic and Administrative Leadership List is a moderated listserv for distributing messages related to the administration and management of academic, research, and administrative units. It is designed to be a form of direct communication to the intended audience, not as a way to pass information on to the entire campus.

Audience and list creation

Chiefs of staff and deans make the final determination of who is to be included in the list. It is recommended that the following personnel be included:

  • Assistant/associate/vice provosts
  • Assistant/associate/vice presidents
  • Assistant/associate/divisional deans
  • Department/unit/program heads
  • Center/institute directors
  • Administrative unit directors
  • Executive and administrative support for the above

Listserv update process

Internal and Executive Communications will provide the chiefs of staff and deans a list of names at the end of each term. Updates may be made at that time, or on a rolling basis as changes occur. We request that updates come only from chiefs of staff, deans, or their designee.

Types of messages distributed via listserv

  • Conditions of employment (e.g., “Timely Notice Reminder”, “Notice of renewal/non-renewal”, “Reminder Concerning Performance Evaluations”)
  • Labor Relations (e.g., “New Deadlines for NTTF and TTF policy development”, “Message from the UO/UA CBA Implementation Team”)
  • Transitions and hires within executive offices (e.g., “Dean interview reminders”, “Transitions in Purchasing and Contracting Services”)
  • Guidance regarding finances and operations (e.g., “Fringe Benefits: Blended OPE rates effective Fiscal Year 2018”)
  • Training and workshop opportunities for academic or administrative leadership (e.g., “Unit Head Workshop Series”)
  • Requests for action (e.g., “Financial Stewardship Institute: Call for Nominations)

Topics that would be more appropriate for Around the O – Workplace or other channels

  • Messages intended for all faculty or all staff, or both
  • Invitations to events and trainings that are not specific to academic or administrative leadership
  • Award announcements or nomination requests (unless nominations are specifically requested from academic or administrative leadership)

How to send a message

If you have a message you would like distributed to the Academic and Administrative Leadership listserv, please review and follow the below guidelines:

  • Only individuals who are on the AALL are able to send to the listserv.
  • Send your message to
  • Send the message exactly as you would like it to be released.
  • All messages should follow the internal mass email requirements, guidelines, and best practices.
  • Your message will be reviewed within two business days.
  • Internal communications will either approve and release your message; deny your message and recommend a more appropriate channel; or in limited cases, suggest revisions to the message.
  • Messages should be text-based, with limited formatting, no images, and no attachments.

Questions may be addressed to Jesse Summers at