A picture is worth 1,000 words. It grabs your attention, provokes motion, tells a story, and sticks with you.

The photo services provided by Marketing Communications support the mission of the Office of University Communications and are used for visual and informational purposes. Photography taken by Marketing Communications photographers is used in reputation defining communications for the University or Oregon, including Around the O, social media, recruitment materials, and websites.

Photo Database


ResourceSpace, is the university’s curated, central image repository and contains the latest images taken by university departments and affiliated photographers, with images from 2010 to present.

The images in ResourceSpace are available to communications professionals on campus. If you are a UO communications professional who currently does not have access to ResourceSpace, you can request access by contacting Marketing Communications at

ResourceSpace is a place to host the best images from around the university and should not be used as a departmental archive or backup location that hosts all of the images from a photoshoot or event.