Social Media Best Practices

Keep it social: Listen and learn.

Social media success depends on sharing, listening and interacting. Although the University of Oregon is an academic institution, it should not feel “institutional” on social media. Be friendly, conversational and down to earth; actively engage with users.

Some of our best social media campaigns come from watching what Ducks do on their own.

Act as one university.

Get more out of your tweet. One of the strengths of the University of Oregon’s social media presence is its vast breadth and reach. Retweet other university accounts to not only share information but to introduce users to other university accounts. Use our hashtags not only on social media but also on Oregon-themed promotions to keep the conversation going. Collaboration allows us to have the biggest impact and pack the most punch.

Timing matters.

What's the best way to get big interaction on social media? Timeliness. Often the best-received content is carefully planned and timed. Craft your messages around what people are actively talking about when they are talking about it. Know the days and times when most people are active on the various social media platforms.