Social Media Guidelines

The University of Oregon encourages units to explore social media and to decide if it is right for them. Before you get started with any social media platform, we ask that you do the following:

  • Complete our social media checklist below, which will provide you with a strong foundation to build and maintain your presence or, equally important, help you decide not to develop a departmental presence.
  • Assign a faculty or staff member from your division, unit, or office to oversee all accounts. A UO faculty or staff member must have administrative privileges to all accounts and is responsible for controlling permissions and security to the accounts.

How to Identify Your UO-related Social Media Presence

When naming your unit’s social media presence, clearly and concisely identify your specific unit. Do not name your page in such a way that it might be confused with a general page representing the entire UO, or with any other UO unit.

Add the institution name “University of Oregon” before your unit name; i.e.’ “University of Oregon Admissions,” not “Admissions at the University of Oregon,” “Admissions – University of Oregon,” or simply “Admissions.” If necessary, an emdash can separate the institution and unit names: “University of Oregon—Admissions.”

Correct names might include:

University of Oregon Department of Romance Languages
University of Oregon—Office of the Registrar
University of Oregon Admissions

Monitoring Feedback and Comments

When creating a social media page or enabling comments on your website or blog, be prepared to devote resources to monitor the feedback that will get posted. It's important to monitor and delete feedback that violates the terms of service of the platform you’re using. This can include commercial interests trying to drive traffic to their websites or abusive language. It's also important that you embrace a free and open communications platform, allowing members of your social media following to express their opinions.

Social Media Terms and Conditions

If you'd like to take your school, college, or unit into the realm of social media, the UO requires that you follow the terms of service and conditions of your chosen platform. Learn about the terms and conditions of the major social media platforms at the links below.

Using Social Media Brand Assets

Just as the UO works to promote its image through protection of its brand, so do social media brands. Respect the brand standards for the use of social media icons, badges, and logos. Altering them not only violates the intellectual property of these brands, it may also decrease the effectiveness of your efforts, which depend on your users' recognition of known icons and logos. For example, never change the color of the signature Facebook badge to green and yellow for use on a UO page, or replace the Twitter bird with a duck. Following are links to guidelines and asset downloads for some of the most popular social media brands.